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sod on soccer field - turf and hortThe key to spectacular turf is healthy, fertile soil. MK Minerals pelletized calcium products provide important nutrients to help you achieve the turf & landscape you are working for.
Hi-Calcium Lime: 33% Calcium
Dolomitic Lime: 17% Calcium & 10% Magnesium
Gypsum: 22% Calcium & 16% Sulfur
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  • Nutrients like calcium, sulfur & magnesium are not naturally water soluble.
  • Most powdered lime or gypsum, straight from the mine/quarry, takes multiple years to break down.
  • To ensure “rapid release” of the nutrients the mined product must be ground or pulverized prior to putting it in granular form.
  • MK pulverizes the raw limestone and gypsum very fine so the nutrients are immediately available to the plant once the granular dissolves.
  • Over 70% of our product will go through a 200 mesh screen prior to putting it in granular form.
  • This is what separates MK Minerals from most other suppliers of Limestone & Gypsum. Check the fineness factor to compare.

RELAX. It’s safe.

  • MK Mineral’s products all come from a natural occurring, mined/quarried source (this means it comes from the earth).
  • No need to worry about heavy metals or contamination from a waste product of manufacturing.
  • They are all natural so you don’t need to worry about employees, kids or pets.



  • Is easy and flexible.
  • It’s safe so no need to worry about burning your yard, runoff or harming yourself.
  • Effectiveness is not tied to granular size. Pick the granular size that works best for your project.
  • All granular sizes work equally well.
  • For general application recommendations APPLICATION

Granular Size

  • Fairway Approximate SGN: 274
  • Greensgrade Approximate SGN: 140
  • Signature/Ag Size Approximate SGN: 305

Check our FAQ section for more answers to common questions.

MK Minerals, Inc.

Crown Series

The Crown Series is designed for the professional turf & landscape industry. Product is available in 50 lb bags, bulk totes and truck load bulk shipments. Product is sold through a network of wholesalers & dealers.