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tomatoes - lawn & garden pageThe key to a spectacular lawn and productive garden is healthy, fertile soil. MK Minerals pelletized calcium products provide important nutrients to help you achieve that.

  • Hi-Calcium Lime: 33% Calcium
  • Dolomitic Lime: 17% Calcium & 10% Magnesium
  • Gypsum: 22% Calcium & 16% Sulfur
  • Find additional information on limestone & gypsum in our EDUCATION section


  • people and container gardening - lawn & garden pageNutrients like calcium, sulfur & magnesium are not naturally water soluble.
  • Most powdered lime or gypsum, straight from the mine/quarry, takes multiple years to break down.
  • To ensure “rapid release” of the nutrients the mined product must be ground or pulverized prior to putting it in granular form.
  • MK pulverizes the raw limestone and gypsum very fine so the nutrients are immediately available to the plant once the granular dissolves.
  • Over 70% of our product will go through a 200 mesh screen prior to putting it in granular form.
  • This is what separates MK Minerals from most other suppliers of Limestone & Gypsum. Check the fineness factor to compare.

RELAX. It’s safe.

  • MK Mineral’s products all come from a natural occurring, mined/quarried source (this means it comes from the earth).
  • No need to worry about heavy metals or contamination from a waste product of manufacturing.
  • They are all natural so you don’t need to worry about employees, kids or pets.



  • Is easy and flexible.
  • It’s safe so no need to worry about burning your yard, runoff or harming yourself.
  • Effectiveness is not tied to granular size. Pick the granular size that works best for your project.
  • All granular sizes work equally well.
  • For general application recommendations APPLICATION

Ultra Series

The MK Minerals Ultra Series is found in lawn & garden centers. The 40 lb bag is available for all three products, Hi-Calcium Limestone, Gypsum & Dolomitic Lime. All products are pelletized.

Ultra Series

Signature Series

The MK Minerals Signature Series is our economy series for homeowners. Nick named “ag in a bag” because the pellet size is similar to the pellets that are shipped into the agriculture market. A budget friendly bag and a slightly larger pellet is the only quality difference. Signature Series customers still enjoy the same high quality, “rapid release” pellet that MK Minerals is known for.

Products available in our 40 lb. Signature Series bag are Pelletized Hi-Calcium Limestone & Pelletized Gypsum.

Signature Series