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MK Hi-Calcium Lime, Gypsum and Dolomitic Lime is the source for your Ca, Su, & Mg micronutrient needs.
Hi-Calcium Lime: 33% Calcium
Dolomitic Lime: 17% Calcium & 10% Magnesium
Gypsum: 22% Calcium & 14% Sulfur

Find additional information on limestone & gypsum in our EDUCATION section.

Access EDUCATION 701, a concise three page document that reviews the essential benefits of calcium in the soil and plant.


  • Nutrients like calcium, sulfur & magnesium are not naturally water soluble.
  • Most powdered lime or gypsum, straight from the mine/quarry, takes multiple years to break down.
  • To ensure “rapid release” of the nutrients the mined product must be ground or pulverized prior to putting it in granular form.
  • MK pulverizes the raw limestone and gypsum very fine so the nutrients are immediately available to the plant once the granular dissolves.
  • Over 70% of our product will go through a 200 mesh screen prior to putting it in granular form.
  • This is what separates MK Minerals from most other suppliers of Limestone & Gypsum. Check the fineness factor to compare.

Hi-Calcium Lime:

  • Provides an instant supply of calcium to the soil & plant.
  • Calcium is the nutrient that is at a low level in most acidic soils (pH<7.0).
  • Calcium Promotes root development and improves plant growth.
  • Improves the use of other key nutrients (N,P,K) because of the improved microbial action.
  • Can eliminate Aluminum Toxicity, which kills wheat plants, with application rates of 100-200 lbs. per acre.
  • Can be blended with other dry fertilizers and applied at any season.
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  • Improves soil structure allowing for increased oxygen and water to penetrate soil.
  • Economic source of plant available calcium & sulfur.
  • Improves root growth promoting strong, healthy plants.
  • Effectively counteracts sodium alkaline soils.
  • Repairs salt damage from effluent water and other hi salt irrigation water.
  • Convenient to use.

Dolomitic Lime

  • Similar characteristics to Hi-Calcium Lime.
  • Calcium to Magnesium ratio of 6 to 1 is needed in ag soils.

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