• Nutrients like calcium, sulfur & magnesium are not naturally water soluble.
  • Most powdered lime or gypsum, straight from the mine/quarry, takes multiple years to break down.
  • To ensure “rapid release” of the nutrients the mined product must be ground or pulverized prior to putting it in granular form.
  • MK pulverizes their raw limestone and gypsum very fine so the nutrients are immediately available to the plant once the granular dissolves.
  • Over 70% of our product will go through a 200 mesh screen prior to putting it in granular form.
  • Over 90% of product passes through a 100 mesh screen prior to granulation.
  • This is what separates MK Minerals from most other suppliers of Limestone & Gypsum. Check their fineness factor to compare.

All MK Minerals products are derived from a mined/quarried source. Our tree sap binder is the glue that holds our granular together. This makes for an all-natural product that is safe for the applicator, kids and pets.

Specific Analysis and Product Information

Granular Size

  • Fairway Approximate SGN: 274
  • Greensgrade Approximate SGN: 140
  • Signature/Ag Size Approximate SGN: 305

Background for teaching nutrition for plants.

Benefits of Calcium Found in All MK Minerals Granular Products:

  • Calcium is the most overlooked nutrient
  • Is an essential part of the cell wall in plants and must be present in order to form new cells (grow).
  • Essential for nitrate uptake and metabolism.
  • Functions to make other essential nutrients more available to the plant, such as phosphorus, nitrogen & potassium
  • Promotes root development and promotes plant growth
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Controls plant diseases such as blossom end rot.
  • Up to 90% of common lawn weeds are linked to a lack of calcium in soil.

Access EDUCATION 701, a concise three page document that reviews the essential benefits of calcium in the soil and plant.