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MK Minerals Inc. started production of hi-calcium lime in 1999 at its facility in Wathena, KS. Born out of a desire to assist the Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri farming industry in developing an easier and more efficient method of spreading and distributing lime; we began to manufacture our signature pelletized product. Since then, our line has expanded to include gypsum and dolomitic lime. In 2000, realizing that the need for our products extended beyond the farming community, we began to offer our Ground Force series – bagged product specifically for our customers with residential turf and landscaping needs. To accommodate the growing needs of our clients, a second plant was created in 2013.

From the start, MK Minerals has aimed to provide quality goods, sustainable environmental practices and unmatched customer service. We believe that we all have a part to play in supporting our planet and our fellow man. As a practical step to be good stewards of our earth – we are committed to eliminating unnecessary waste and keeping our process as economical as possible. As we grow across the country, our mission is to continue embracing an active and positive role in our communities, our nation, and our world.

Ground Force Staff

Bill Becker of Ground Force

Bill Becker


John Hapak of Ground Force

John Hapak


Jason Laipple of Ground Force

Jason Laipple

VP of Customer Fulfilment

Scott Peters of Ground Force

Scott Peters

VP of Corporate Performance/Plant Manager

Joseph Hapak of Ground Force

Joseph Hapak

Corporate Controller

Lisa Scholz of Ground Force

Lisa Scholz

Office Manager

Cory Smith of Ground Force

Cory Smith

Sales Representative

Chelsea Newville of Ground Force

Chelsea Newville

Horticulture Specialist

Clinton Hund of Ground Force

Clinton Hund

Agronomist/Quality Assurance

Chris Frasure of Ground Force

Christopher Frasure

Operations Manager

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    Ground Force – our premium line of product – offers our customers a variety of options for their soil needs. Whether you manage a farm, a golf course, a personal garden, or just want to make your lawn look great – Ground Force has you covered!


    For any additional information, inquiries on bulk shipping, or career options – feel free to reach out! We’d love to hear from you!