Now is the time...

Good to excellent corn and soybean yields pull a significant amount of micronutrients out of the soil. Make sure you check your calcium (pH) and sulfur levels after harvest to make sure they are at levels that are sufficient for maximum yield. MK Minerals pelletized gypsum provides calcium sulfate and it made up of 21% calcium and 16% sulfate. The November-December time period is an excellent time to apply the MK pelletized gypsum on soil that is going to be planted to corn next spring.
If you determine you need 32 lbs of sulfur (sulfate) per acre, then just 200 lbs of MK pelletized gypsum will meet your needs to reach the level desired.
The MK pelletized gypsum will then provide you that additional benefit of loosening up your soil if your Calcium/Magnesium ratio is below 5. Tight soils restrict the flow of water and oxygen down through the soil, which inhibits root development. The MK pelletized gypsum will provide you the sulfur you need and work to loosen up the tight soils.
As with all MK products, the MK pelletized gypsum can be blended with other dry fertilizer products and applied at the same time. It works very well for variable rate application. Remember, MK products do not need to be worked in. For best results, must spread them and let the granule breakdown and move down into the top 4-6 inches of soil.

Lawn & Garden.

Fall is the time to focus on your yard. Apply Hi-Calcium Limestone or Gypsum to give your newly planted or over-seeded yard the calcium it needs to develop strong roots. Our products go to work as soon as they are watered in and will give your grass the boost in nutrients it needs to get it off to the right start.

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